A Big Purchase

My wife and I recently had an in ground pool installed by Aqua Clear. At the time we had very little knowledge about pools since neither one of us ever had one before or knew anyone who did. We heard about Aqua Clear and decided to set up a consultation. The meeting was very informative and we found Reid to be very friendly and sincere. Aqua Clear was very helpful throughout the entire process. They even arranged for us to see a pool built by Aqua Clear a few years ago that was similar to what we wanted.

A big purchase like buying a pool can be a hard decision, especially the process of choosing the company to go with. We dealt with Reid mostly and he made the entire process easy and stress free. Everything was outlined from start to finish and every question we had was answered to its fullest. Dealing with Aqua Clear was a very comfortable experience, as if we had known them for years, and the job was great. We would recommend Aqua Clear to anyone who has a pool or is thinking of getting one. They won’t disappoint.

Steven & Connie Tilley
Ottawa, ON